Opportunities for Meaningful Solutions in Africa


6 out of the 10 countries with the highest unemployment rate in the world are African nations. The highest being Burkina Faso at 77%. Among women and youths in Africa, jobs seem to be elusive. Yet, the continent is rich in resources — both human and natural.


According to the World Bank, Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for two-thirds of the extremely poor in the world. This issue radiates into other aspects of the lives of this population contributing to poor nutrition, poor health, unsafe living conditions, and limited access to education.

Poor Healthcare

29 out of 30 of the countries with the least life expectancy are African countries. Poor access to health infrastructure, inadequate human resources, and inadequate budgetary allocation are some of the major contributing factors leading to Africans dying from easily curable ailments.


Terrorism, civil unrest, communal clashes, and high crime rates in countries like Nigeria, South Sudan, Libya, and Somalia continue to hamper lives, destroy properties, and under-develop the continent on a large scale. It is like a weight strapped to the feet of Africa and dragging us backward.

Financial Exclusion

The current approach for providing financial services in Africa is not well-adapted to the unique challenges that affect the industry. High service charges, low financial literacy, and lack of required documentation hinder the average citizen from accessing financial services.

Innovation-Driven Technology Solutions for Africa

We believe these problems are opportunities to apply innovation-driven technology solutions; an invitation to leverage our ingenuity and intimacy with the issues to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a result, Innovate Africa supports and drives innovation in Africa using technology to solve problems like corruption, security, employment, electricity, water scarcity, and poverty. We also serve as the parent company for other subsidiaries and as an incubator to sponsor, fund, and create new concepts.


Innovate Africa establishes ventures in Africa to solve complex, recognized problems with purpose-driven technology. As venture capitalists, we partner with businesses and startups to help bring life to game-changing ideas that use technology to solve the problems in Africa. Innovate Africa’s mission is to empower the African continent with innovative technology.

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